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Why Tiktok is a fit for Microsoft, Walmart, and Oracle

Will ByteDance be able to sell some of its non-Chinese TikTok business or not? TikTok, the app that is all the rage with millenials who post thirty second movie clips and seem to have tremendous fun with it. And which got valued at more than $ 50 bn US before it was threatened with a ban in the US.It is less than a week to the deadline for an enforced shut down of the infrastructure. Time to jot down a number of seemingly, but not so random thoughts.Microsoft, in combination with Walmart, and Oracle, along with some unnamed additional investors, appear to be the frontrunners for making a deal. There are rumours about at least Twitter and Netflix showing some interest, too.If they are allowed to make a deal, and then willing to make it given the boundaries that are set by both, the US and the Chinese governments.There is tremendous pressure exerted by the US government citing a threat to national security because it could provide data about US users to China. This would make it necessa…
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Zoho Workplace - David has swung his sling

The NewsOn September 10, 2020 Zoho announced Zoho Workplace, a new cloud based product bundle that is targeted at making a workforce more effective and efficient by bundling collaboration, productivity, and communication tools into one integrated set. As a part of this release Zoho enriched the applications that are part of Zoho Workplace with additional capabilities, following the vision of driving better business outcomes easier.Zoho Workplace consists of nine tightly integrated applications that are built on a common data model and that share a common dashboard and AI based enterprise search. The bundle is “centered around a full-featured business mail and office suite”.The nine applications Zoho Workplace consists of, are:·Mail for business e-mail·Cliq, as a messaging system·Meeting for online conferencing·Connect, a social intranet solution·Writer for word processing·Show for collaborative presenting·Sheet for spreadsheets·Workdrive as the cloud based document management system·S…

CRMKonvo: How to establish a great CRM. Insights from a leading practitioner

Episode 13 of the CRMKonvos with Ralf Korb and Thomas Wieberneit revolved around the topic of how to get to a great CRM that truly helps employees and customers alike by making sure that satisfied employees have the means to create and keep happy customers. Our guest Patrick Ganzmann, MD of valantic Customer Engagement and Commerce, is the right person to talk to about this topic. We were keen to hear his insights and examples from the numerous projects that he and his team completed; how they did it, and what they learned on the way.In brief: Patrick didn't disappoint with the wealth of insight and learnings that he shared with us.Leading into the topic, we briefly discussed the way into offering a search engine that Apple seems to go. Doesn't make sense for you? Follow our brief analysis about this topic.And why Apple to start with? Because they are all about experience, which is what a good CRM helps offering.Enjoy!This webcast is in German language.

CRMKonvos - Sales Driven Marketing and some Salesforce News

During episode 12 of the #CRMKonvos my colleage Ralf Korb and I are talking with Andrea Grosse, Managing Director of Just4People. Andrea is a highly reputed Marketing expert who earned several awards. She focuses on demand generation. Hear her speaking about how to meet customers expectations and to generate great experiences using data.
And, as a goodie, get an assessment of the recent Salesforce announcement.

CRMKonvos - SugarCRM, MetaOS, Gartner MQ CRM LeadManagement

In this episode Ralf Korb and I talked with our special guest Michael Jopen about the impact of the acquisition of by SugarCRM, which I wrote about before, the Gartner MQ on CRM Lead Management, and notably, Microsoft's MetaOS that got also commented on by Mary Jo Foley on ZDNet. Michael voiced some interesting hypothesis on where Microsoft will go with it. Does Microsoft venture to copy Google? Watch and hear what Michael has to say.This episode is in German.

Salesforce brings its Field Service solution forward by a notch or two

The NewsOn September 1, 2020 Salesforce announced its next round of updates to its Field Service Management solution. Eric Jacobson, Salesforce VP Product Management, Field Service  and Gary Brandeleer, Senior Director Product Management, Field Service gave me an interesting briefing and demo beforehand.The new releases are all about efficient processing of the engagement throughout the whole process. In detail they are aboutDynamic job schedulingUsing Einstein Recommendation Builder to ensure that service technicians have the right spare parts availableAsset management capabilities that allow companies a detailed view into the installed base at their customers. This is developed in cooperation with ServiceMaxImprovements to the appointment assistant to provide as accurate as possible information to the customer about the arrival time of the service technician.The various features shall be made generally available through the next 6 months; as this is a forward looking statement, this…

SugarCRM supercharges its AI by acquiring

The NewsOn Monday, August 24th, 2020 SugarCRMannounced the acquisition of I had the pleasure to get pre-briefed by Craig Charlton, CEO SugarCRM and Rich Green, Chief Product Officer and CTO SugarCRM about this topic.Node was founded in 2014 with significant expertise, including ex-Google personnel and he creator of the Alta-Vista search engine.  According to Crunchbase, the company has acquired $43.5M US to innovate around AI as a service. The company applies deep learning to help organizations make better predictions and decisions that impact their bottom line and focuses on delivering accurate predictions even with minimum CRM data. It does this by taking advantage of large data sets that it acquired or has free access to, including company and available business related personal information.That way, it is possible to hand over only a limited amount of SugarCRM data to Node in order to achieve accurate predictions. Instead, the prediction engine runs almost exclusively on …