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SAP State of the Nation

Earning my keep to an extent with consulting in the SAP orbit it of course is of interest to me how the no. 1 enterprise software vendor is doing in my nape of the world. And I am deliberately not talking about other regions - just mine. And yeah, I also may be wrong, but here's my take. Starting from a look at my specialty - CRM - it appears that not a lot is going on in the SAP arena. While it is true that many companies still consider CRM as not so crucial to their business a deeper look reveals that there is no real drought. There are implementations, but apparently, in the words of my former boss Bob Stutz, then at Microsoft and now at SFDC: "We do not see SAP, the final decision is between SFDC and us". And MS Dynamics grew considerably in the past years. This indicates that there is a market. So why doesn't SAP get the implementations? Is it because of problems with the imlementation projects? They surely exist, believe me! But then other vendors suffer fr