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Top 5 Tips for Retailers to connect with Customers

A few days ago I was asked for my top 5 tips for retailers on how to connect with their customers, limited to 100 words. For a topic that one could write a novel on … Well, here is my answer: Help customers solving their problem. This distinguishes and makes you found by the customer Marketing/loyalty programs offer your customers value and are not mere vehicles to gather more data points Simplify your customers’ life, e.g. with a card wallet instead of own app that directly integrates with your CRM and POS Relevant communications at the right time, place with the right content – without appearing intrusive. For this you need to know your customer Consistent communications across channels and interactions, optimized for used touch point They probably need some more elaboration, especially the last one. First and foremost, the reason for any business to exist is making profit for its owners. This is not equal to producing and selling things (or providing a