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Bob Stutz joins SFDC - A snap analysis from Down Under

My first reaction? Wow, that will stir up the industry, well, at least Microsoft …  Second one? Who will follow? Jujhar Singh! Jujhar will step into a pair of pretty big shoes (no pun intended), but then he was coached by Bob for more than a decade and held a number of increasingly important positions at Siebel, SAP, MS. It is probably about time to step out of Bobs shadow and take centre stage. Congratulations to him! But what lies beyond is really interesting. Bob is a CRM guy – or rather one of THE CRM guys. He  contributed significantly to shaping what CRM is now and has a reputation for getting organisations that have a problem on track – or to lay those tracks. There is no meaningful CRM, no CEM (Customer Engagement Management), neither CXM (Customer Experience Management) without data, lots of data, coming from various different sources covering every customer interaction, customer experience at every touch point. Think mobile, internet of things, sensor network, etc., etc