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Sharing Economy - A Rant

Thunderstorm; Photo by  Marc Wieland  on  Unsplash In the past weeks I have been to some events. Their main topic has been ‘digital transformation’, which is a term that currently gets used all over the place. The good news is that people mostly seem to have understood that digital transformation most of all is a business transformation, with IT being an enabler, not a driver. However, and that’s the bad news, one term popped up everywhere like a bad charm. Sharing Economy And the usual suspect companies are cited as the trailblazers of this sharing economy : ·     Airbnb is apparently the biggest hotel chain. But it does now own a single hotel, rather than a bed ·     Uber, the biggest taxi corporation. It does not own a single taxi I even heard Amazon and Alibaba being mentioned in this context. And then there are plenty more companies that one could mention, like TaskRabbit, Lyft, Zaarly, you name them. There are few terms that make me flin

Nimble Mobile CRM 3.0 - A Quantum Leap?

The News On February 14, 2018 Nimble announced the launch of Nimble Mobile CRM 3.0 , their new powerful mobile contact, relationship and pipeline manager for Office 365 and G-Suite. The company also announced a bundling of PieSync ’s B2B cloud integration platform to become an end-to-end social relationship management platform for all company contact records, regardless of where those records are stored. The new mobile app “unifies contacts from siloed mobile, cloud based and desktop records into a comprehensive relationship manager. It delivers the history of conversations and social context for everyone you meet, and it enables you to easily follow up and follow through on opportunities …” Besides introducing important features like business card scanning, the ability to send templated and tracked emails, and a mobile pipeline manager for tracking follow-through, Nimble Mobile 3.0 provides easy access to all company contact records, including social enrich

CPQ delivered in Customer Experience fashion

CPQ and CLM - Two of a kind; Photo by  on  Unsplash In all likelihood you know that CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. CPQ software helps mainly B2B companies to more efficiently sell highly configurable products. As the name suggests, the software helps sales people during the three steps of configuring the product, getting and agreeing a price for it, and finally initiating the quotation process. The more variables, or parts, a final product has the more advantage a CPQ tool offers to both, sellers and buyers. It is geared for streamlining and accelerating the sales process while reducing errors. A CPQ system typically ties into CRM- and ERP systems and, apart from being made available to channel partners, is often also exposed through an e-commerce system (have you ever configured your car online?). CPQ currently being a hot topic (and not only since the planned acquisition of CallidusCloud by SAP ) there is a good number of companies offering