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CRM is Dead! Yeah, right - and Earth is a Disk

A few days ago I came across a blog entry by @MikeBoysen titled Customers Don”t Want Relationships…PERIOD!
A really intriguing title and read – perhaps written to stir up a discussion. Works for me, as it stirs me up from of my absence from this blog of mine…
Mike, after this very strong claim the starts with another one: CRM is dead.
Well, CRM seems to be pretty alive for a dead one; as a strategy and also as a technology. And here is exactly the point where Mike and other influencers – I had discussions about this topic e.g. with @bob_thompson from CustomerThink as well – are dead wrong (I couldn’t resist this pun). Their argumentation is solely based upon CRM being a technology. And then they compare CRM with another acronym that they claim is a strategy, concluding that the other one is far better. Apples vs. pears. Technology vs strategy.
CRM is not a technology. It is also not a process area.
CRM is a strategy.
CEM is another, related, strategy.
Buying a technology without a st…