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Clash of Titans - The War Cry: Oracle and Salesforce

More Food for Thought In the last article Clash of Titans – Microsoft and SAP weigh in of this little series,   I discussed the strategy of two of the big four and how they are positioned in the platform play of the business software titans – and others. All these business software vendors are competing in a market that is changing – commoditizing – at a fast rate towards an experience market, and probably beyond, if I follow the argumentation and thoughs of CRM godfather and friend Paul Greenberg . Business application vendors can stay really successful only if they morph into platform players. And this platform is more than just a technology platform, but encompasses four dimensions. The four dimensions that are paramount to be able to deliver great engagements that result in lasting positive experiences are ·       Platform (IaaS/PaaS) ·       Ecosystem ·       Insight ·       Productivity In this article I look at Oracle and Salesforce and how