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SAP Strategy - Revealed

Much has happened in the SAP world in the past few months that were covered by the requisite number of announcements – and a good deal of analysis, including mine. SAP has ·     Released its first release of S/4HANA for Customer Management ·       Acquired CallidusCloud, a software company that focuses on sales enablement ·       Announced a new ERP licensing model ‚for the Digital Age‘ While these three topics seem to be very different, combined they give a good insight into SAP’s strategy, and how the ERP world – sorry, the S/4 world, and the customer facing world are going to shape up. So, let’s have a brief look at these three announcements separately, and then connect a few dots. S/4HANA for Customer Management I have covered the migration of SAP CRM into S/4HANA a couple of times. S/4HANA for Customer Management   is the ‘customer orientated’ part of S/4HANA and shall offer the core service- and sales functionalities of SAP CRM, using a unified

Salesforce Field Service Ligthning - Bulls Eye on better Experience?

The News On April 17, 2018 Salesforce announced their next-generation Field Service Lightning, which shall take customer experiences to new heights. The release implements four major improvements, which are: ·       The ability to easily plug in an appointment management into a web site ·       Simplified initiation and execution of return processes by customers and technicians ·       The ability to select and dispatch repair crews for more complicated service jobs based upon abilities and availabilities ·       A guided setup using a visual wizard to set up Field Service Lightning and that reduces the number of clicks necessary to get started by approximately two thirds on average. Below is the full text of the announcement. Alternatively you can read it here . Next-Generation Field Service Lightning Takes Customer Experiences to New Heights Paolo Bergamo, SVP and GM, Field Service Lightning & Mobile 4.17.18 If you’ve ever spent a day waiti