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Helpshift to Salesforce Integration - Where Peanut Butter meets the Jelly

The leading in-app support company Helpshift just released a seamless integration with the Salesforce Service Cloud . This integration is now available on AppExchange . Here a copy of the press release for your convenience, followed by my analysis. Helpshift Announces New Integration Capabilities for Its Customers on the Salesforce AppExchange, the World's Leading Enterprise Apps Marketplace SAN FRANCISCO – ( BUSINESS WIRE ) – MAY 25, 2017 – Helpshift today announced an integration with new capabilities available on the Salesforce AppExchange. This integration is meant to improve the mobile user experience by enabling service agents to deliver support to app users directly from within their Salesforce Service Cloud Dashboard - In-app! When a customer contacts support from inside the Helpshift-enabled app, a Salesforce case is created that the agent responds to, creating an in-app conversation. Customers get notified via banners, notifications and badges, enabling t

AI and IoT at SAP - Yin and Yang

During the 2017 SAPPHIRE NOW conference SAP told the stunned audience about how they connected some dots to create better value and more intelligent business applications for their customers. In essence SAP lifted the veil on how the company will go ahead with two technologies that will dominate the next years and that are ordinarily treated as different topics. But which, in essence, are like yin and yang. I talk about AI and machine learning on one hand, and IoT on the other. SAP has been fairly quiet on the former and fairly vocal on the latter, although the first announcement was about machine learning powered intelligent business applications , back in November 2016. At that time SAP announced the availability of the machine learning platform for SAPPHIRE NOW 2017. After this, SAP announced SAP Leonardo, the bundling of their IoT portfolio back in January 2017. On day 1 of SAPPHIRE NOW SAP delivered on the November promise by announcing “it’s time for machine learn

GreenRope - A simple yet powerful CRM for E-Mail Marketers

A while ago I had the pleasure of talking with Austin Willms who took me through a tour presenting GreenRope, a CRM solution for small businesses that offers three ‘suites’ of functionality across ales, marketing, and operations. The operations suite probably needs a bit of explanation but is essentially the customer service portion plus functionality covering project- and event management, knowledge management, a wiki, collaboration and – important – the majority of contact management functionality. The Sales suite covers workflows, activities, leads, and contact handling and the marketing suite provides marketers with the tools they need to do their job. ‘Their job’ mainly being e-mail- and website-marketing, with some social media marketing added to it. This is something that GreenRope is particularly well geared for. The software has its origins as an e-mail marketing tool that evolved into a business suite of CRM-related tools that supports additional customer requirements.

Nimble and Microsoft are Getting ever Closer

It has been three months since I last talked with Jon Ferrara , C E O o f Nimble. Back in February, he introduced me to their Nimble Smart Contacts add-in to Outlook Mobile . It delivered people and company social relationship insights for free to over 40M Outlook Mobile users. Since then, he and his Nimble team have been pretty busy working with Microsoft, as one could see from his Facebook posts – having one coordination session in Seattle after the other. Nimble will soon announce that they extended the Nimble freemium Smart Contacts for Outlook Mobile add-in to become a free plugin into Outlook Desktop Windows/Mac and Office 365. This move recognizes that the world is going cloud and mobile and that the Microsoft stack of productivity applications is the most widely used set of applications in Enterprises of all sizes. Google applications, with the notable exception of Google Mail, do not stand a chance here. The same holds true for Salesforce, which acquired the productivi