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News Analysis - Cisco joins Helpshift Series B round

On November 22nd, the mobile and in-app customer support technology company Helpshift announced that Cisco investments joined into Helpshift’s Series B financing round, increasing the amount of raised capital to more than $38.2 Million. With this investment decision Cisco Investments joins Intel Capital, Microsoft Ventres, Nexus Venture Partners, Salesforce Ventures, True Ventures and Visionnaire Ventures. Here the announcement: Cisco Investments Joins Helpshift Series B Round

Additional Capital Raised in Successful Funding Round Enables Helpshift to Become a Driving Force in the Evolution of Contact Centers

Helpshift, the company revolutionizing the customer support industry through enterprise-level, in-app customer experiences, today announced that Cisco Investments has recently joined their Series B funding round, which follows previous investors such as Intel Capital, Microsoft Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. As one of Cisco Investments’ portfolio compa…

It's the Customer's Way - Or No Way!

Today’s customers are impatient. They want – and have the right to – get answers to their questions and concerns about a company’s products and services without being in the need to preform lengthy searches or to dig around. This holds true for pre-purchase questions as well as to post-purchase questions. We regularly see or read statistics that tell us that customers are not very forgiving in cases of poor customer service, but on the contrary are inclined to leave when encountering a single instance of poor service. If customers do not get the answers to their questions without difficulties they are moving on, no matter of the company or its size. This meanwhile has become a kind of public domain knowledge. The only way for a company to avoid customers leaving with the first bad experience is by building up and maintaining a good and credible history of helping a customer with solutions to address their needs (aka jobs-to-be-done) and by regularly providing good customer service. At a…