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SAP and Microsoft bring Partnership to Next Level

The News On November 27 SAP and Microsoft announced a new level of their strategic partnership. Their key messages are that ·       S/4 is fully ready to run on Azure ·       Microsoft is committed to SAP and will upgrade its internal financial systems to S/4 on Azure ·       SAP will move a dozen (unspecified) “key internal business critical systems” to Azure ·       SAP and Microsoft will “co-engineer, go to market together with premier solutions and provide joint support services to ensure the best cloud experience for customers” ·       SAP and Microsoft will both provide documentation about their internal projects “to provide customers with guidance and enterprise architecture for deployment of SAP applications on Azure” Of course it is not much of a surprise to SAP “connoisseurs” that SAP is not running its business on just one instance of their own S/4 systems – still, twelve is a fairly sizeable number to migrate to Azure. It is also not much of a surprise t

Customer Experience - How to convert them into a WOW!

WOW Meter A couple of weeks ago I decided to make some purchases for my kids. I was amazed how different customer experience can be in nowadays connected world. But, to begin from the start: I ordered online two high value high-tech goods and two large bookshelves from a price strategy driven retailer. My expectation was very high from the high-tech consumer goods company. First of all his reputation for exceeding expectations, second I spent significant money on these goods, third it is a tech company, lastly I already spent a lot of money the last couple of years. In contrast to it I was very sceptical about my purchase of the bookshelves as this brand is all about cheap, cheap and cheap. Oh man, how could I have been so wrong! I really have to say first of all - well done to the retailer with the price strategy - you blew me away: The website was clear and easy to navigate inclusive ordering, You set clear expectations around delivery and actually over-deliv

Salesforce embraces the User Microsoft like - A Dreamforce Analysis

Now that the major waves of Dreamforce 2017 have settled, the announcements and a good part of the running commentary has been delivered, it is time for me to have a look at my pre-Dreamforce predictions . Having been briefed before the event but unluckily not been able to attend (nor having had the time to write this piece earlier, I now have the advantage of having had more ‘thinking time” and can put the main announcements that we were briefed on into a bigger picture. On the backdrop of an IDC study (sponsored by Salesforce) that postulates 3.3 million new jobs and an overall GDP impact of 859 billion dollar by 2022 in the “Salesforce economy”, the announcements basically revolve around one single topic: How to enable the employees (of Salesforce customers and partners) to deliver to this magnitude. They were around ·       Easier consumption of AI technology with Einstein , and improved IoT support, ·       Opening up Trailhead to Salesforce customers in order to sup