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How an ISP uses Zoho One to improve outcomes

During the truly remarkable (pun definitely intended) TrulyZoho event I, of course, had the chance to talk to some customers. One of these customers was Amit Rai of Tata Fiber, an Indian ISP. As the name suggests, Tata Fiber provides internet services through fiber. The company was founded in 2016 and started commercial rollout in 2018, so is a kind of start-up . Amit is the Chief HR Officer of Tata Fiber, but also led their digital projects and is now heading business development for the company. He happily agreed to a conversation about the relationship between Zoho and Tata. The following article is based on the conversation with Amit. TL&DR If you do not want to read and prefer a video, you can also listen in to the conversation . The original problem at hand We started in 2019 with HR management, in particular with Zoho people, as a solution in this functional area was needed. The implementation gave us confidence in Zoho and our implementation partner. From there on we imple

How vendors help generating value with generative AI

The hype around generative AI, in particular ChatGPT, is still at a fever pitch. It created thousands of start-ups and at the moment attracts lots of venture capital . Basically, everyone – and their dog – jumps on the bandwagon, with the Gartner Group predicting that it is getting worse, before it is going to be better. According to them, generative AI is yet to cross the peak of inflated expectations. There are a few notable exceptions, though. So far, I haven’t heard major announcements by players like SAP , Oracle , SugarCRM , Zoho , or Freshworks . [update Mar 22, as of today Freshworks, too, has announced a beta program for generative AI services in its Freshchat product, supporting service, marketing and sales scenarios] Before being accused of vendor bashing … I take this is a good sign. Why? Because it shows that vendors like these have understood that it is worthwhile thinking about valuable scenarios before jumping the gun and coming out with announcements just to sta

Truly Zoho - How capitalism and doing right coincide

The past 9 months have seen quite a rollercoaster in the tech industry. We have seen staggering profits, we continue to see stock buybacks, we have seen consolidation, mergers and acquisitions – and we have seen mass layoffs . Few of them were well handled or communicated. Even fewer showed any sign of executives taking accountability besides stating that they made mistakes during the pandemic and that they feel sorry for what they need to do now. They had simply over-hired and now need to take corrective action to stay on a ‘growth path’. One of these executives arguably took the prized company culture of regarding the employees as family to grave. What do these layoffs have in common? They were initiated to please the capital markets, i.e. shareholders and venture capitalists. The idea behind this is that layoffs is the fastest way to solve or avoid impending financial problems. However, there is mounting scientific evidence that this idea is a myth, as e.g., expressed here , here