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RPA - hot or not? Here are the ultimate answers

One of today's big business topics is robotic process automation. What is it? A boon or a thing? Where is the real value in applying RPA and how to do it right? So many questions that the #CRMKonvos team needed to ask Sebastian Eggert of SOGEDES. It is no secret that RPA has its roots in UI based test automation to conduct load and stress tests and screen scraping. It is also no secret that it is always better to use APIs than that. That would put RPA firmly into the category of dying animals or, in more technical terms, make it a bridge technology. But then, how about real life? Can one always do connect applications with APIs? How about empowering business units to get solutions faster than working with a continuously overburdened IT department? And: How about the risk of entrenching existing processes instead of entering the road to digital transformation, which is a business transformation? Is it reasonable to expect investments being made into RPA being turned over fast? After

Medallia and Thunderhead for great CX

The News On January 20, 2022 Medallia announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Thunderhead, the leader in customer journey orchestration, or like the press release states it, leader in every-channel journey orchestration. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of this fiscal year. The stated benefit for customers is that “ with the combination of customer experience insights and journey orchestration, organizations can have a single view of the customer journey and use real-time interactions to improve experiences and loyalty .” Thunderhead is expected to “strengthen Medallia’s ability to power individualized journeys and conversations at scale, across all online and offline channels, helping Medallias’s thousands of customers continue to increase their brand loyalty, sales and growth.” Thunderhead founder and CEO Glen Manchester says that “ the acquisition heralds the next era of customer experience. We pioneered the idea of the custome

Is Microsoft bringing the joy and community of gaming to everyone?

The News On January 18, 2022, Microsoft announced the intention to acquire Activision Blizzard with the vision of bringing the joy and community of gaming to everyone, for $95 per share, which equals a transaction value of $68.7 bn. This is a bit more than eight times of the revenue that Activision Blizzards expect to have in the fiscal year 2022. With this acquisition, Microsoft can add 400 million monthly active users to the already existing 25 million Game Pass holders. Until the acquisition closes, the companies will run independently. After completion of the transaction, Activision Blizzard wil report to Phil Spencer, the newly appointed CEO of Microsoft Gaming. This acquisition makes Microsoft the third largest gaming company by revenue, after Tencent and Sony. The stock markets reacted with a sharp increase of Activision Blizzard shares to about $87, while Microsoft stock largely followed its pre-existing slight downward trajectory. Here my analysis in a brief video. The bigger

The secrets to improving Sales Operations and thereby making your salespeople love their system

Three times is the charm. Our first attempt was disrupted by Texas getting off the (power) grid due to a winter storm, the second one due to Streamyard going offline (courtesy of a Google problem), now we finally made it happen. Based upon real life experience, how can sales ops be improved, how can it contribute to sales success? Does it need process, tools, or what? Well, the answer to that one is, of course, both. But what comes first and how to make sure that people love to use the resulting system? Our guest Thomas Verly, VP of Sales and Marketing at EagleBurgmann has quite some interesting answers. Also to the question whether Revenue Operations is really a thing. Is it new wine in an old bottle or rather old wine in a new bottle.  Thomas has some truely interesting stories to tell that help us identifying what is really important for a sales organization, even if it is in a quite specific industry.  At EagleBurgmann they identified the secret of what makes their sales reps use t

A CMS contributes to customer experiences, does it?

Everybody is talking of "creating customer experiences" - even I, although I am convinced that any experienced is created by the person on the receiving side of an engagement.  But then, how to formulate this in only a few words? Nevertheless, when it comes to engaging with customers or prospects, we are immediately also talking content, be it images, texts, videos, podcasts, 3D rendered objects, or whatever the future will bring us. We are also talking about more than just marketing processes, but also service- or employee-facing processes. Which brings us into the realms of knowledge management, product information management, web content management, enterprise content management and enterprise search. Or the question about how the same content can be used in different scenarios? How can it be found, so that it can be made available? Does it need a platform? What type of platform? Looking at individualised marketing campaigns that theoretically ask for individually tailored

CRMKonvos - The all time hot 5 including some surprises

The new year just started, so it is the perfect time to look at some data. To keep you curious: There are some interesting data points. I looked at and reviewed the success of our CRMKonvos. We are streaming live on various channels, including  my LinkedIn profile, several Facebook channels including mine , the one of Ralf Korb , Korb & Kollegen as well as Tante Emma 4.0 and occasionally Kompetenztraining Ralf Korb . Of course, we are on Twitter using @twieberneit and @loneRangerCRM . Last, but not least we stream to our YouTube channel CRMKonvos . We are live every Tuesday at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 7 pm CET. Why do I say that? Because we are serving an international audience and timing matters for live shows. On all of these channels the videos remain available for viewers who could not make it to the live episodes. Shameless plug: Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Streaming to Twitch doesn't seem to be that successful for us. I think, this is due to being live once