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CONCUR and UBER extend Partnership - Four Winners and one Loser?

Yesterday the winning but controversial ride share/taxi company  Uber  and the leading travel- and expense management company  Concur  announced an  expansion of their relationship . With their "first-of-its-kind partnership and technology integration" Concur-connected businesses "will gain visibility into [their] Uber usage while increasing traveler productivity and satisfaction". As part of the deal Uber will exclusively (for the moment, I guess) make its business features available to Concur customers available for free. This includes automated employee onboarding, policy controls, savings performance, and trip summary dashboards only available by the combination of  data collected in the systems of the two companies. My Take - a Quadruple Win There are five involved parties. Concur Uber Concur customers Traveling employees It is conceivable that this partnership does good to all of them. On the fifth one - later ... Concur wins The exclus

Customer Experience - A Banking Tale of Mystery and Imagination

After some investigation into SME CRM  Nimble  and  Freshsales  and travel management software  traform  today is the day of a reflection on customer orientation in one of the industries that managed to become almost indispensable in our lives. Banks. So let me tell you ... A Bank Tale of Mystery and Imagination But not an invented one. This is life in 2016. Imagine the following extremely uncommon scenario: You want a mortgage for a house. Imagine also that you have a fairly good income, so you want to pay down fast. After all interest rates in NZ are still pretty high compared to other developed nations – although they are very low for NZ standards. And remember – one of the basic premises of neoliberalism is that everybody has equal negotiation powers (the Kiwi in me says “Yeah, right” to that one …). What are the variables you have in a mortgage? The total amount, interest rate, pay down period, term of fixing the interest rate, unless you go floating, that

Fresh Wind for SME CRM?

It appears to be demo time for me. After  Jon Ferrara  gave me a deep dive into the leading social sales application  Nimble  and I got a dive into the new travel management solution  Traform  by my old friend Balamurugan Kalia,  Sreelesh Pillai  introduced me to Freshsales , the new social solution by  Freshdesk , a company that got founded in the second half of 2010 only and until now focused their efforts on customer service and support. An interesting twist in Sreelesh’s story is that Freshdesk built Freshsales initially to accommodate their own needs and to deal with the demand caused by their growth. Growing at about 50% over the last year or so, the Freshdesk team realized that the applications (yes, plural, including tier 1 solutions) that they used did not really fit their needs. The Freshsales solution covers simple applications for leads, contacts, accounts, deals (opportunities). Leads and contacts can get imported into the system by means of a csv upload. This way