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The power of a great customer - vendor relationship

As part of my series of customer interviews, I recently had the chance of speaking with Keith Cooper , vice president of customer experience at Bergen Logistics . Bergen Logistics is a global third party logistics provider, based in North Bergen, New Jersey. It primarily serves the luxury fashion and home goods segments but is available in other verticals, too. In Keith’s words “ When you order something from a company's website online, the order comes to us. We pull the order, we pack the order, we ship the order, and it arrives to you in most cases the next day .” If you prefer to watch the interview, you can do so here . Bergen Logistics started to search for a CRM solution with the original focus on the-lead-to-order process. The trigger was the owner of the company inquiring for the status of a lead that he had given to sales a while ago – because the prospect was inquiring. At that time, “ there was a belief [in the sales organization] that it was okay to take three or four d

What the heck is customer experience?

What the heck is customer experience, and who is responsible for it? These are two very good questions, for which I, myself, have some very distinct answers. Let’s start with them, before I dive deeper into that topic with Praval Singh , VP Marketing for Customer Experience at Zoho, who – naturally – has some good answers, too. You prefer the original? Of course, you can watch the complete conversation , too. Here it goes. Re customer experience, I am with Paul Greenberg and Bruce Temkin , who some years ago defined customer experience . Paul defines customer experience as “ how the customer feels about a company over time ” while Temkin defines it as “ the perception that customers have of their interactions with an organization ”. Either does it for me. It is the customer’s perception.  This makes it quite easy to answer the second question. Who is responsible?  Answer: The customer ! Why? Because the organization cannot control how I perceive my interactions because it simply doesn